Just rest, my child

I wrote this allegorical poem a few months ago after some circumstantial inspiration from my little Noelle.
Just rest, my child

You hear the sound of silence and think you’re all alone
As if those you know have quietly slipped out the door
The fear of loneliness grips you
In a panic you jolt up and look around
Your heart beats quickly and your eyes open wide as you search the room

You can only see me dimly as through a fog
Yet when you realize I am there
Your heart slows and your eyes close once again
Just rest, my child I am watching over you
Return to your peace, be still and know that I am a good Father

In the dimness of the early morning you catch a glimpse of me
But that brief sight is all you needed
“My father is here. He is strong. He watches over me. Whom shall I fear?”
These thoughts, though not even fully formed or contemplated
Calm your mind and soul
Just rest, my child. I am watching over you

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