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The Holy Hijack

Pain: a pathway to praise

The times they are a-changin’

I can’t believe

Choose a side

Satan Speaks

Providential Disobedience?

The Go(o)d Shepherd

Lyre, lyre

Psalm of the Plateau

Sexual Confusion

Why we pray

The religion of vaccines

Am I unforgivable? 

How to be a snakedove

Angry in church

The Who of home

The original terrorist 

The sin of the Bark Beetle

Saddle up Jesus

How far would you go?

Your sin is not unique

How to Find the Right Church

Sowing in Vain?

The Deconstruction of My Faith

How to Cancel According to the Bible

Chosen to Choose

The More You Know

Called to be a fool

Doubting John – dealing with a crisis of faith

The Paradox of Peace

Is Salvation Really ‘Free’?

The Gospel of life and death

Don’t be a Judas chicken

I had a dream

Beautifully dirty feet

How much faith must I have?

I was close, but nothing changed

Out with the old, in with the new

I kissed Jesus goodbye: A reminder of the fallibility of man

The wage gap according to the Bible

Universal healthcare according to the Bible

Why we need ‘safe spaces’ according to the Bible

Defending the deity of Jesus

The reality of global warming according to the Bible

Hold that door! – toxic masculinity according to the Bible

Loving pigs more than Jesus

Fact: God will give you more than you can handle

The paradox of the free gift that might cost you everything

Healed for a reason

We are not worthy

Bring your filth to Jesus

Foundations of rock or sand

Justifying death

Tune our hearts to sing God’s praise

The scariest words in the Bible

Hunt the wolves, know the Shepherd

War of words, war on words

The masculinity of Jesus Christ

I met Jesus at the crossroads

Letting selfishness guide love

Magic – to shun, or not to shun?

Ask and ye shall receive? 

Don’t judge me! 

Assaulting anxiety

What’s leading your heart?

Not so fast!

Do I really have to forgive others?

Lead us not into temptation – does God cause us to sin?

How then shall we pray?

Run to Jesus, run from Jesus

Giving openly in secret

The sum of all things

Does Jesus really love his enemies?

Sing a new song … but do it critically

Consistency and convictions – the struggle is real!

War and Peace

Call me Christian

Don’t politicize Jesus

I swear to God!

The sacredness of sex

…Let not man separate

Lust, etc.

The reconciliation of X and Y

My rights, your benefit – an open letter to anti-gunners

The Law and the Prophets: Fulfilled

Dangers of Dimness and Distraction

Gun control vs. the Gospel

The Beatitudes (Part 2)

The Beatitudes (Part 1)

Preparation for the Sermon on the Mount

The Gospel vs. the gospel of the kingdom

Bad hermeneutics and the calling of the Disciples

The virgin-born Nazarene Bethlehemite from Egypt, Naphtali and Zebulun

The temptation of Jesus

Campfire stories with Garrett – The last one … for now

Botulism and backpacking – Campfire stories with Garrett – Part 6

Skinny rivers and tiny tubs – Campfire stories with Garrett – Part 5

Of cars, trucks and cliffs – Campfire stories with Garrett – Part 4

Leeches, waterfalls and apple juice – Campfire stories with Garrett – Part 3

Gravy wars and squirrel-splaining – Campfire stories with Garrett – Part 2

What the heck is a bourgeois? – Campfire stories with Garrett – Part 1

Campfire stories with Garrett – Intro

Am I qualified to worship?

To take or to carry? Violating the third commandment

John and the reality of eternal judgement 

Longing for home

Words matter … More than we think

The Birth of Jesus: Misconceptions and Contradictions

Hearing the Voice of God

Scandals and Roots

Killing Unity

Thoughts on Prayer – Part 2

Thoughts on Prayer – Part 1

Resignation Vs. Joyful Submission

Just Rest, My Child – an allegorical poem

Made in China

The Difference Between Love and Pity

Theology of the Past

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